Abusive Guardianships of the Elderly

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You don't know what a cold, hard institution can do to you...

When a guardianship is established for the purpose of making financial and personal decisions for those unfortunate enough to suffer a disabling illness, the Courts define the incapacitated person as the "Protected Person."

The purpose and the law supporting the guardianship, at face value, serve a noble purpose.

However, until someone is court defined as a protected person under a guardianship, it's difficult to know or believe the high price and exploitation the supposedly protected person will likely suffer at the hands of those who will profit from the person's disability, and will do so with Court approval.

This website is created to bring attention to what really happens to those unfortunate persons who find themselves in a guardianship, not protected as the law dictates, but victimized by it.

It is created from my experience and the lessons I have learned while struggling  to protect my Grandmother from the system and the law --  both of which  I believe have been abusive to her.   Do you have a story to share?  Has someone you love been victimized by the guardianship racket?  Please share your experience.  We must look to each other for ideas and support if we are to stop the blatant exploitation our elderly and infirm suffer at the hands of the system and the law who is charged to protect them.



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      Abusive Guardianships of the Elderly