STOP Guardian Abuse

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Join the movement for reform!

I am proud to be a part of the NASGA - the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse - a courageous force of victims and their families passionately joined with determination to right the horrific "crime" of guardianship abuse and conservatorship abuse.

When I was going through guardianship horror and the litigation that goes with it, there was no place to turn to for practical advice or support, no one to even understand the ordeal I was going through.    Now there is.  The movement has begun and not a minute too soon.  We have to bring guardianship and conservatorship out of the darkness and into the bright light of focus so the greedy guardians along with their  ravenous attorneys - and the judges who turn a blind eye while rubberstamping the guardians' every wish - are held accountable. 

Guardianship / conservatorship victims are survivors.  We will fight for our loved ones and we will carry the fight for justice until the battle is won. 

Visit NASGA's website at and be part of the solution --- join the movement for reform! 
Read NASGA's indictment of guardianship/conservatorship as practiced today:  Protecting our Citizens From Unlawful and Abusive Guardianships and Conservatorships

Read NASGA's second white paper specifically dealing with the growing problem of "emergency" guardianships based on fraudulent petitions or non-emergencies:  A Review of Unlawful "Emergency" Guardianships.

Read NASGA's third white paper focusing on the role unlawful and abusive guardianships/conservatorships in the current drain of Medicaid during our national economic crisis:  The Fleecing of Medicaid and the Taxpayers.

Read NASGA's warning to Baby Boomers:  Boomers Beware of Guardianship Abuse! and   Boomers Beware of Conservatorship Abuse!

For the latest up-to-the-minute news, visit  the NASGA Blog

Great news!  Through NASGA's efforts, for the first time, the subject of guardianship/conservatorship abuse has made national attention!

Watch Sharyl Attkisson's report on the CBS Evening News with Katie Courcic - Guardianship Agency Costs Elderly Woman Dearly:  Senate Investigation Finds Millions Allegedly Squandered or Stolen by Court-Appointed Guardians.    (An elderly Arizona woman who had a $1.3 million estate is now on Medicaid care at taxpayer expense after a guardian agency ran up the bills for her care and then dropped her when the money was gone.)

Read the GAO's 2010 report:  GUARDIANSHIPS:  Cases of Financial Exploitation, Abuse, Neglect of Seniors (GAO-10-1046)

JOIN  the movement for reform!  JOIN NASGA!

      Abusive Guardianships of the Elderly